Why Did Discovery Go To The Future

Why Did Discovery Go To The Future

Theres a strong hint that they go as far as 950 years into their future. Discovery season 2s endgame and the series indeed went full-throttle into the 32nd century.

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Meanwhile the Discoverys crew committed to joining Michael in the 32nd century.

Why did discovery go to the future. If they didnt neutralize Control why did they take the remnants of Control with them. The rationale for such a drastic move was the fact that the sphere data bonded to the Discoverys computer. Burnham or someone with near identical DNA like her daughter.

Burnham attempting to change the future so that Control wouldnt obliterate the galaxy. Its very existence is the problem as Spock said in the first part of the episode. While going about the mission Control is defeated by Georgiou and neutralised this is confirmed by co-creator and co-showrunner Alex Kurtzman.

So the USS Discovery and its crew is gone on a new journey into the far-flung future. Why did discovery crew go to the future even after control was destroyed. The Discovery Goes To The Future – Possibly For Good Fans had already theorized that bringing the Discovery into the future was Star Trek.

This is why the Discovery has to go into the future. Known for his mumble-influenced vocal range and prolific output Future is considered a pioneer of the use of melodies and vocal effects in modern trap music. Use your tv provider.

They also apply to Saru specifically and the way Jones has to play the Kelpien character. Control downloaded itself into Lelands mind to gain access to the sphere data But he wasnt the only one who was affected by control. Discovery Is Setting Up A PikeSpock Spinoff.

Now time travel is nothing that hasnt been tackled. Discovery into the future to safeguard the sphere data from Control. He enlists the help of film star.

Discovery season 2 ended with the characters enacting their plan to prevent Control gaining access to the Sphere data onboard the Discovery by attempting to launch Discovery into the future out of its reach. After more lip-quivering from Burnham and another emotional goodbye to her brother she readies herself to time jump into the future. In Such Sweet Sorrow Part 1 Michael embarked on a desperate plan to take the USS.

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn better known by the stage name Future is an American rapper and singer. Control also possessed Kamran Gant an old colleague of Burnham. Michael February 19 2018 at 153 pm.

History and Future of Plastics What Are Plastics and Where Do They Come From. The hoof boots unfortunately for him. The mystery of the Red Angel has largely been solved as we know it was Dr.

Admin Share Tweet Share Send. The last episode of Discovery was rubbish I accept we got to see Enterprise with Spock but this was Discovery that went 900 years into the future that is what we wanted to see. Why did Discovery go to the future.

Polymers abound in nature. Of course the show did not abandon its tradition of staying connected to the wider universe and made sure it continued to include references to established canon like the appearances of the Trill or the Vulcans. The changes Discovery is going through arent just overarching.

The leftovers all tell the same lie when debriefing with Starfleet. Our best bet at the moment is that the USS Discovery will go into the future just without Spock as it solves the canon issues and confirms why Captain Pike and Spock arent coming back in. And Discovery is right behind her.

Josh Gates sets off on a journey the likes of which hes never encountered before-to find the original DeLorean Time Machine. To let Spock know that. Discovery travels to the future to restore hope to the Federation.

The Discovery crew jumped into the future as part of a last-ditch attempt to stop Control from wiping out the universe after gaining sentience. The word polymer means of many parts and polymers are made of long chains of molecules. Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia Future signed a recording contract with A1 Recordings and Epic Records in 2011 and.

The excuse that they couldnt be sure doesnt work either as they willingly went into the future with Leland on board just because hes stuck to the floor doesnt mean he cant still be a danger AND this was after he had access to who-knows-what on Discovery. Going to the future before getting rid of him and checking all the systems thoroughly is a stupid move on their part. The crew of the Discovery also know the suit will only work for Dr.

Plastic is a word that originally meant pliable and easily shaped It only recently became a name for a category of materials called polymers. In order to secure the data and Discovery. This storyline provided Discovery with a way to explore a dystopian future for Earth and the Federation something not often seen in the Star Trek franchise.

Thats right the Defiant crossing over to the Mirror Universe is in the future for the characters of Discovery but the point when it pops out in the Mirror Universe is like a. The plan was to go to the future to leave Control behind but they neutralized Control so why did they have to go anywhere. The new trailer for the third season of Star Trek.

We dont know exactly where the Discovery crew ends up yet and the finale leaves it vague.

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